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Henan Province Huangfanqu Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is a wholly state-owned company established in June 2010 to integrate the operating assets of the farms in the Yellow River. The group has 33 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries (including 2 wholly-owned subsidiaries in Ukraine and Tajikistan) and 3 joint-stock companies (Dishen Company, Zhoukou Zhongken Company and Lvyuan Company). The industry involves planting, breeding, seed breeding and processing, comprehensive agricultural services, agricultural and sideline products processing, mechanical processing, construction and real estate development, cold storage trade, supermarket logistics, financial services, etc......

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2010 Year

Company establishment

138 Billion dollars

Total assets




Industry field


Nov 25,2023

Henan Province Huangfanqu Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Selection of Bidding Agency Project Bidding Announcement

Nov 03,2023

Zhang Tao from the Party School of the Provincial Party Committee and his entourage went to the former site of the May 7th cadre School of the Central Party School to investigate.

Nov 03,2023

The group company achieved good results in the 4th municipal government workers' games.

Nov 02,2023

Do not forget your initiative mind, keep in mind the mission

Nov 02,2023

Announcement on the Selection Results of Bidding Agency

Nov 01,2023

Learning to Grow Wisdom and Learning to Promote Travel- Floodplain Industrial Group Launching Study Activities

Oct 31,2023

Huangfanqu District Industrial Group Invited to Participate in Provincial Agricultural Foreign Cooperation Work Conference

Oct 31,2023

Tianying Company Launching 2023 Staff Skills Competition

Oct 31,2023

Huangfanqu Industrial Group held a symposium for young employees

Oct 30,2023

Liu Rongning and his party from Henan Agricultural Vocational College visited the group company for investigation and research.

Oct 30,2023

Trees the wind of respecting the elderly to promote social civilization

Sep 08,2023

Inquiry Procurement Announcement

Jul 10,2023

Field and Group Leaders Visited Old Party Members

Jul 10,2023

Community Party Working Committee Held "50 Years of Glory in the Party" Commemorative Medal Presentation Ceremony

Mar 28,2023

Recruitment Announcement of Henan Province Huangfanqu Industrial Group Co., Ltd. in 2023

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