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Social responsibility

Oct 30,2023

Trees the wind of respecting the elderly to promote social civilization

October 23 is the Double Ninth Festival, and it is also China's "Elderly Day". In order to vigorously promote traditional culture, cultivate and practice the core values of socialism, and inherit the traditional virtues of respecting and respecting the elderly, the general branch of the group organized a volunteer service team to the Huangfanqu. The district nursing home carried out a voluntary condolences activity of "Treating Respect for the Elderly and Promoting Social Civilization.

Jul 10,2023

Field and Group Leaders Visited Old Party Members

On the morning of June 28, on the occasion of the 102 anniversary of the founding of the party, the leaders of Changhe Industrial Group Li Guicheng, Liu Cong, Gao Shan, Zhou Peng, Xie Fashun, Li Changshan, Li Guangchun, and Miao Guojun visited some old party members and sent them to the party. I would like to extend my high respect and cordial greetings to them.

Jul 10,2023

Community Party Working Committee Held "50 Years of Glory in the Party" Commemorative Medal Presentation Ceremony

As the 102 anniversary of the party is approaching, on June 26, the Party Working Committee of the Farm Community in Huangpan District issued a commemorative medal of "Glory in the Party for 50 Years" to representatives of veteran party members who have reached 50 years of party age, passing on the care and warmth of the party. To the old party members. Representatives of veteran party members, members of the community party working committee, and party branch secretaries of various communities attended the awarding ceremony.

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