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Henan Huangfan Industrial Group Co., Ltd

Henan Huangfan Industrial Group Co., Ltd is a wholly state-owned company established in June 2010 to integrate the operating assets of farms in the Huangfanqu, with a registered capital of 3.5 billion yuan and total assets of 13.8 billion yuan. There are 123000 acres of state-owned land, and 180000 acres of land for agricultural cooperation in Ukraine and Tajikistan. The group has 33 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries (including 2 wholly-owned subsidiaries in Ukraine and Tajikistan) and 3 joint-stock companies (Dishen Company, Zhoukou Zhongken Company and Lvyuan Company).

The industry involves planting, breeding, seed breeding and processing, comprehensive agricultural services, agricultural and sideline products processing, mechanical processing, construction and real estate development, cold storage trade, supermarket logistics, financial

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services, etc., and has been initially established throughout planting, breeding, agricultural products processing, and comprehensive agricultural services. The entire industrial chain has obvious advantages in large-scale agricultural production, seed scientific research and breeding, and agricultural technology application and promotion, it is a large wheat seed production and breeding enterprise in Henan Province, breeding about 0.1 billion kg of wheat seeds every year. The group is a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, a national agricultural reclamation modern agricultural demonstration zone, a national agricultural advanced collective, and an advanced unit of the province's agricultural reclamation system......

2010 Year

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138 Billion dollars

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