Huangfan Industrial

Field and Group Leaders Visited Old Party Members


Jul 10,2023



6Month28On the morning of the founding of the party102On the occasion of the anniversary, the leaders of Changhe Industrial Group Li Guicheng, Liu Cong, Gao Shan, Zhou Peng, Xie Fashun, Li Changshan, Li Guangchun, and Miao Guojun visited some old party members, sent them the care and warmth of the party, and extended to them. High respect and cordial greetings.


Everywhere they went, the leaders had a detailed understanding of the ideological trends and physical health of the old party members, and told them to take good care of their bodies. At the same time, I hope that they will continue to support the party's organizational construction and give full play to the development and construction of farms in the Yellow River.

During the visit, Li Guicheng said that veteran party members are the precious wealth of the party and the country, and they are also an example for us to learn from. We must care for veteran party members with heart and affection, and earnestly do practical things for them, solve problems, and let them live a happy life and spend their twilight years.


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