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Community Party Working Committee Held "50 Years of Glory in the Party" Commemorative Medal Presentation Ceremony


Jul 10,2023



in the party's102As our anniversary approaches,6Month26On the 1st, the Party Working Committee of the Farm Community in the Yellow River reached the age of the Party.50The representative of the old party member in the year of "Glory in the Party"50Year "commemorative medal, the party's care and warmth to the old party members. Representatives of veteran party members, members of the community party working committee, and party branch secretaries of various communities attended the awarding ceremony.

At the ceremony, all the staff reviewed the oath of joining the Party.5Representatives of old party members received commemorative medals and flowers under the collective witness of the participants. The development of this activity is a full affirmation of the old party members who are dedicated to the party, loyal to the party, unknown, and dedicated to the party, so that the old party members feel the care and warmth of the party and the organization. The veteran comrades said one after another: they will cherish the honor, never forget their original ideals and aspirations, pay attention to and support the work of the field and the group as always, and contribute more wisdom and strength to the high-quality development of farms in the Yellow River Floodplain area.

The community party work committee also issued commemorative medals to party members who were unable to move.


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