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Party History Learning and Education Briefing No.7 Five Focus on Doing Practical Things


Apr 29,2021


Henan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Party History Learning Education


Issue 7

Henan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Party History Learning and Education Leading Group Office April 29, 2021

Henan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Focus on "Five Around"

Solid promotion for the private practical

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Henan Province takes the study and education of party history as the driving force, and "I do practical things for the masses" as the carrier, focusing on the key work of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", focusing on the high yield of summer grain, the development of rural industries and enterprises, the green development of agriculture and rural areas, and the construction of big data service platform and spiritual civilization, solidly promote practical work for the people and respond to the concerns of farmers, in order to achieve greater breakthroughs in rural revitalization, agricultural and rural modernization is at the forefront of the country to perform their duties and responsibilities.

The first is to do practical things around the high summer grain harvest. Formulate and issue the province's spring wheat field management technical guidance, the provincial wheat stripe rust and scab prevention and control plan, the wheat disaster prevention and mitigation plan to ensure a bumper harvest, the provincial "insect mouth to seize grain" to ensure a bumper harvest action plan, and the 100-day summer grain harvest action plan. The ministries and agencies have set up 18 wheat expert guidance groups to continuously carry out technical guidance services. The province's agricultural and rural systems have set up 927 technical guidance groups, held 606 on-site meetings, trained 391300 people, hung 23900 banners, posted 391200 wall charts, distributed 5.8707 million copies of materials, and 12316 "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" hotline experts to answer 45000 people to ensure that key prevention and control technologies enter the fields and land. Actively coordinate the provincial finance to issue 0.1 billion yuan of agricultural production development funds before the Spring Festival, support 45 counties in southern Henan to carry out unified control of stripe rust and scab, and urgently allocate 0.106 billion yuan of central funds for major pest control in early April. Expert meetings were held 5 times and early warning information was issued 13 times. As of April 21, the province has accumulated 17.74 million mu of intertillage, 52.44 million mu of topdressing, 61.31 million mu of chemical weeding and 36.11 million mu of watering, 12.51 million mu of wheat stripe rust, 28.17 million mu of total control and 55.21 million mu of scab prevention. The wheat population in the province is sufficient, the individual growth is robust, the growth continues to improve, the moisture content is suitable, and there are no major diseases, insect pests and disasters.

The second is to do practical things around the development of rural industries and enterprises. Around the "people, land, money" and other elements to promote the development of rural industry "combination fist". In terms of "money", actively strive for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Finance to give preference to projects such as advantageous characteristic industrial clusters and strong agricultural industrial towns; in terms of "land", we will work with the Provincial Department of Natural Resources to formulate policy documents for facility agricultural land, clarify land use requirements, increase land use increment, revitalize land stock, and support the development of rural industries; in terms of "people", we will work with the provincial education, science and technology, human resources and social security departments to formulate guidance on promoting the revitalization of rural talents, and make specific arrangements for the introduction, training, cultivation and use of talents. Actively solve problems for the development of agricultural enterprises. On April 16, Shen Yanping, director and director of the Agricultural Office of the Provincial Party Committee, held a symposium on some key agricultural leading enterprises and invited the main persons in charge of 7 enterprises including Henan Qihua Edible Oil Co., Ltd. to conduct in-depth exchanges around enterprise development, existing difficulties and problems., To sort out the crux of the problem, and jointly study and solve countermeasures and measures. In view of the financing difficulties of enterprises and the problems in technical support, industrial chain extension and chain reinforcement, promotion of high-quality seeds, and improvement of quality standards, we have studied and formulated several policies on accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the green food industry and supporting the development of key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization, so as to actively create a good environment for the development of enterprises.

The third is to do practical things around the green development of agriculture and rural areas. Recently, some of the pieces assigned by the Central Ecological and Environmental Protection Inspectorate to the masses across the province involved clues about agriculture and rural areas. Song Huzhen, Secretary of the Party group of the Department, held a special research arrangement for the Party group (enlarged) meeting. Based on serving the overall situation of national development, he adhered to the system concept, adhered to the problem orientation, implemented the main responsibility and "one post with two responsibilities", carefully checked the problem clues, established a standing book, supervised and rectified at the same time, and carried out rectification with high standards and high quality to ensure the actual effect. A special work class was set up to sort out the reports from the masses one by one, analyze and judge them one by one, establish a system of sales numbers for rectification work ledgers and problem lists, and fully supervise and guide the territory to implement the rectification work. 52 cases have been completed, 6 cases have been completed in stages, and 60% have been completed. Deeply promote the establishment of agricultural product quality and safety counties, and name 42 counties (cities, districts) provincial agricultural product quality and safety counties including Luohe City Provincial Agricultural Product Quality and Safety City and Yanshi City. Actively promote the implementation of the national geographical indication agricultural product protection project, and organize experts to review 22 geographical indication agricultural product protection project application projects. Continue to strengthen the supervision and monitoring of the quality and safety of agricultural products, formulate and issue the "2021 Provincial Agricultural Products and Agricultural Inputs Quality and Safety Monitoring Plan", further promote the special rectification of "Clenbuterol", and send 6 flight inspection teams to 11 provincial cities and provinces Directly administered counties conduct flight inspections to ensure the quality and safety of cattle and sheep products in the province.

The fourth is to do practical things around the construction of big data service platform. Accelerate the construction of the agricultural and rural big data service platform in Henan Province, vigorously promote the interconnection and open sharing of government information systems and public data, and become a "new agricultural tool" for farmers and agricultural production and operation entities to develop agricultural production, a new channel for participating in agricultural construction, and a promotion New support for rural revitalization. Wang Chengqi, member of the leading party group and deputy director-general of the department, regularly convenes special class personnel to study and coordinate. At present, it has advanced from the stage of information system integration to the stage of application integration alternation. It has adopted the methods of cross-cutting, single breakthrough and first trial. It has made key breakthroughs in the application of subsystems such as excellent products in Henan, beautiful villages and market price information, and has been revised and improved one by one by one. At the same time, vigorously promote the construction of a digital integrated management service system that covers data resource integration, business collaboration, information sharing services and other functions, and comprehensively improve the level of intelligent agricultural and rural production, networked operation, efficient management, and convenient services. Digitalization leads to drive the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, and provides strong support for achieving greater breakthroughs in the overall revitalization of rural areas.

Fifth, do practical things around the construction of spiritual civilization. Integrating the study and education of party history with the construction of spiritual civilization, since February, the whole department has organized and carried out more than 40 activities, such as voluntary service in rural areas, voluntary service from Lei Feng, patriotic health, civilized transportation, and youth friendship, with a total of more than 1200 volunteers. On the eve of Arbor Day, more than 70 volunteers volunteered to plant nearly 1000 trees in the Yellow River beach area; organized volunteers to be on duty, insisted on going to the "Huamingang" on Huayuan Road, Agricultural Road, one of the busiest intersections every week, and carried out civilized traffic volunteer service activities; Insist on carrying out voluntary labor from Lei Feng into the community activities, cleaning up sanitation, beautifying the environment, and participating in a total of nearly 100 volunteers; provincial Agricultural Economic Station, Provincial Agricultural Broadcasting School, Provincial Agricultural Science and Technology Center and other departments organized volunteer service teams to Xiaozhai Village, Xinmi City, Beilizhuang Village, Cizhouzhai Town, Huaxian County, and other places to promote the ''Regulations on the Promotion of Civilized Behaviors'', Carry out voluntary service activities to change customs and enter the countryside, and reflect the concrete results of party history learning and education for the masses.

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Issued by the Office of the Party History Learning and Education Leading Group of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on April 29, 2021