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Party Class Essay (Farm in Huangfanqu)


Dec 15,2023


Party class solicitation]

Looking back on a hundred years of glorious history

Deep Understanding of the Party's Initial Mission

To celebrate the 100 anniversary of the founding of the party, on June 28, Li Guicheng, deputy secretary of the party committee and director of the farm in the Huangfanqu, gave a far-reaching party lesson to more than 80 party members and cadres of the farm organs in the conference room on the second floor of the farm department with the theme of "Party members and cadres should strengthen their original mission from the glorious history of the party.

"Party members and cadres must strengthen their original mission from the party's 100-year glorious history, be politically strong, have high skills, always worry about the party, be responsible for the party, and strengthen the party, and actively participate in socialist construction. Promote high-quality economic and social development with a more energetic and promising mental state." In the party class, Li Guicheng put forward his understanding of the responsibilities of party members and reviewed the glorious history of the party together with the party members present. He vividly summarized the history of the Communist Party of China with examples. It is a history of unremitting struggle of "not forgetting the original intention and keeping in mind the mission"; a history of indomitable and successive theoretical exploration; a history of self-revolution and self-construction of self-revolution; A history of hard entrepreneurship with strict discipline and anti-corruption.

For a hundred years, for the benefit of the people, the Communist Party of China has always insisted on enduring hardships and dedication, not afraid of bloodshed and sweat, and even sacrificed precious lives; the party united and led the people to make great sacrifices through thousands of difficulties and dangers, and achieved three great leaps; The party bravely picked up the scalpel to get rid of its own symptoms, and relied on the efforts of all party comrades to solve its own problems; facing the sharp and severe "four major tests", general Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "the more complex the situation the party faces and the more arduous the tasks it shoulders, the more it is necessary to strengthen discipline construction, the more it is necessary to maintain the unity and unity of the party, and ensure that the whole party has a unified will, unified action, and unified progress".

The purpose of studying history is to understand reason, increase faith and respect morality, but also to practice and understand the power of truth from the history of the party for a hundred years. Li Guicheng pointed out that if we want to carry out our original mission, we must take on the responsibility, conscientiously implement the requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping that "can withstand tempering, withstand pressure, and fight a tough battle." stress politics, practice internal skills, improve quality, and strengthen skills, and become loyal, clean and responsible Communist Party members. Do not forget your initiative mind to take on the responsibility bravely, pay close attention to the actual combat ability, concentrate on the cause, strictly observe discipline as an example.

The most important thing for Do not forget your initiative mind to take on is to deal with the relationship between public and private. If your ideals and beliefs are firm, your position will be high, your mind will be broadened, your personal gains and losses will be indifferent, and you will be able to work hard without distraction. The improvement of actual combat ability should pay attention to improving professional ability and continuously accumulate professional quality reserves, with strong professional knowledge, professional ability, professional style, and professional spirit to support arduous and arduous work tasks, and strive to become "professionals" in all walks of life, and act as actors; a qualified Communist Party member must dare to do it. Career, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized, "Great dreams are not waiting and shouting, but are spelled out and done."; To strictly observe discipline, we must adhere to the "five higher and stricter": higher and stricter team quality standards, higher and stricter discipline style requirements, higher and stricter work standardization levels, higher and stricter work quality and efficiency standards, and society The image is higher and stricter.

Li Guicheng finally stressed that the new era must have new responsibilities and new actions. Each of us should want to do things, be able to do things, do things, do things without problems, invigorate our spirits, work hard, seize the day and night, work hard, insist on combining organizational needs, people's expectations and personal ideals, and strive to pursue a more high, A more sophisticated and tasteful life!