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The Huangfanqu Farm Leadership Team Party History Learning Education Special Democratic Life Meeting Speech Materials


Dec 15,2023


Learning and Education of Party History of Farm Leadership in Huangfanqu Area

Speech Materials for Special Democratic Life Meeting

Gao Shan, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Huangpan Industrial Group

According to the relevant spirit of the higher authorities on holding a special democratic life meeting on party history study and education, and in accordance with the requirements of the "special democratic life meeting plan for party history study and education of farm leaders in the Huangfanqu pan area", I have conscientiously studied Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the sixth Plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, in accordance with the goals and requirements of "learning history, learning history, learning history, advocating morality, learning history" and "learning party history, understanding ideas, doing practical things, and opening a new bureau", put yourself in, put your responsibilities in, and work In it, a comparative inspection was conducted from five aspects, its own problems were checked, and rectification measures were formulated. The basic information is reported as follows:

1. check the problem against five aspects

(I) take the lead in profoundly understanding the decisive significance of the "two establishments" and profoundly understand the extraordinary course of the party in persisting in combining Marxism with China's specific reality and with China's excellent traditional culture. we will fully implement Xi Jinping's thinking on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, establish a correct view of party history, strengthen faith and confidence, enhance the "four consciousness", strengthen the "four self-confidence", and achieve the "two maintenance": the "two establishments" is the most important political achievement since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. It is the historical luck of the party and the country and the luck of the times. "The understanding of the theoretical logic, historical logic and realistic logic is far from in place. To sum up, there are two main problems: first, the study is not systematic enough. When carrying out the study and education of party history, it is mostly based on the requirements of superiors and the actual work, and learn more and deeper about the important, work-related, and interesting content. However, the comprehensive and systematic learning is not enough, and the "two combinations" have not been fully achieved. Second, the innovation of learning is not enough. Although I can actively participate in various activities of party history study and education, and I have read the original works, learned the original text, and understood the principles according to the prescribed contents and contents, I am satisfied with mastering the basic viewpoints and contents, reading theories and writing notes in the learning process. I have not fully achieved a comprehensive understanding, draw inferences from one instance, and have not achieved close integration with practical work.

(II) take the lead in keeping in mind the fundamental question of what our Party is and what it wants to do, carrying out the new development concept, fulfilling its duties and responsibilities, focusing on the work being done, such as the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, maintaining economic development, deepening reform and opening-up, and maintaining social stability, and putting the Party Central Committee's decisions and deployments in place: first, the ability of individuals to perform their duties needs to be further improved. The group's industrial and commercial enterprises cover a wide range of fields and have a large industry span, including machinery manufacturing, grain processing, construction, fruit refrigeration and other aspects. There is no unified management mode and evaluation system, and they can not be copied from each other. Therefore, it is more difficult to manage. I deeply feel that I lack professional knowledge, lack of specific guidance to enterprises, and there are still many places to learn. Second, the determination to forge ahead is not enough. Sometimes they are satisfied with the status quo and the achievements they have made. They feel that through the efforts of the previous year, the industrial and commercial enterprises have turned losses into profits in an all-round way, and it is already very good to achieve such achievements. As a result, they have relaxed their thinking. In addition, the number of specific affairs has gradually increased, and there are fewer investigations into enterprises. Third, "thinking" and "doing" are not unified enough, thinking more and doing less. Although there are many good ideas at work at ordinary times, many ideas have not been put into practice because of too many concerns or too much pursuit of stability and perfection.

(III) take the lead in practicing the people-centered development thought, respect the wishes of the masses, solve practical problems for the masses, effectively guarantee and improve people's livelihood, enhance people's sense of happiness and security, and ensure that the party always maintains flesh-and-blood ties with the people: the important conclusion that "the people are the country and the country is the people", the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, and the development concept of taking the people as the center, although it can be kept in mind, it still does not really fall into action. For example, they only focus on work, focus on corporate benefits, do not pay enough attention to the living conditions, thoughts and mental outlook of corporate employees, do not know much about their demands, and the assistance they do is also very limited. For another example, sometimes the "quality awareness" is not strong enough, especially when multiple tasks are superimposed, there are many clues and heavy tasks. It is often a single impulse to ensure the completion time, but not the quality of the completion. It seems to be comprehensive. In fact, some details cannot stand scrutiny. Sometimes pay attention to the "last article", but not enough energy is put into the "next article", and the work style needs to be further improved.

(IV) take the lead in learning and applying the party's rich experience in successfully dealing with risks and challenges in different historical periods, enhance the sense of hardship, maintain strategic determination, improve ability and ability, dare to fight, be good at fighting, and constantly achieve new victories and glory: they can better deal with risks and challenges, and are determined to do a good job in all kinds of work, but there are still some problems in practical work. First, the work standard is not high enough, and the awareness of striving for first-class is not strong enough. Whether it is the unit in charge or the individual's comprehensive ability, there is still a lot of room for improvement, and there is still potential to be tapped. Two is not enough pressure conduction. In normal work, there are more requests for deployment. The degree of implementation of the work and the inspection and evaluation of the actual results have not been paid enough attention to, and the "last kilometer" has not been reached. The intensity of pressure transmission and tracking needs to be strengthened.

(V) take the lead in profoundly learning from the experience of both pros and cons in the history of the party, fulfill the responsibility of comprehensively and strictly governing the party, speak politics with a clear-cut stand, strictly abide by the party's political discipline and political rules, implement the spirit of the eight central regulations and their implementation rules, and continue to rectify the "four winds" ", establish a new style, resolutely oppose formalism and bureaucracy, strengthen the supervision of" top leaders "and leadership, it is possible to speak politics with a clear-cut stand and strictly abide by the party's political discipline and political rules, but as a leading cadre, self-requirements are not strict enough, and there is still a gap between the higher requirements of the organization. First, self-discipline is not frequent enough, not self-conscious enough, there is no time to demand themselves according to the highest standards of party members and cadres, the spirit of hard struggle and the sense of thrift are not strong, with the improvement of living standards, sometimes they care about their quality of life in terms of food and clothing. Second, it pays more attention to the efficiency of enterprises, does not pay enough attention to the team building and team building of the units in charge, and pays more attention to the education of enterprise managers in "knowing awe, knowing the bottom line, and abiding by the rules". As a result, the implementation of the "three important and one large" system of individual units is not good enough.

Analysis of the causes of 2. problems

(I) study is not deep enough, we do not have a good understanding of the essence of "learning history, learning history, advocating morality, and learning history", and we do not have a good understanding of what we have learned.

(II) do not organically integrate the study and education of party history with the actual work, and cannot use what they have learned to guide work practice.

The principle of (III) party spirit is not strictly adhered to, and the tempering of party spirit needs to be strengthened.

3. rectification measures

(I) strengthen personal learning and pay attention to the improvement of their own political theory literacy. The first is to conscientiously study and implement Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, thoroughly study the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee, and combine it with the implementation of the deployment of the 11th Provincial Party Congress and the Fifth Municipal Party Congress, and the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Combine the various work requirements of the party group to continuously improve political and theoretical literacy. The second is to increase the proportion of self-study, strengthen business learning, enhance the consciousness and initiative of using theory to guide work, and improve the ability to perform duties.

(II) implement the new development concept, improve the position, based on their own duties, and deepen enterprise reform. The first is to further implement refined management in industrial and commercial enterprises, tap the potential of enterprises, stimulate the vitality of enterprises, and promote enterprises to make new breakthroughs in quality management, on-site management, cost control, etc., and enhance corporate profitability. The second is to gradually implement the "company individual" business method, closely link the interests of the company with the interests of employees, enhance the sense of ownership and work responsibility of employees, and stimulate the enthusiasm of executives to start businesses. Third, adhere to the double-index assessment, continue to increase the collection of accounts receivable of each unit, formulate a work schedule, clear time nodes, to ensure the interests of the group.

(III) strengthen the construction of the enterprise team and team, and build a management team that dares to take responsibility, is good at doing things, and has a hard work style. The first is to educate enterprise managers to improve their political position, keep in mind corporate responsibilities, understand the rules, observe discipline, dare to take responsibility, set a good example, always keep the responsibility in mind, carry it on their shoulders, and lead the enterprise to a stable and far-reaching future; the second is to do a good job in staff learning and training, improve their professional level, focus on solving the problems of knowledge panic and ability panic, and achieve expertise in learning, thinking, there are tricks in hand, and there is a way under foot; the third is to increase supervision, do a good job in the construction of party style and clean government in enterprises, educate managers to be in awe, understand the bottom line, resolutely implement the "three important and one large" and open factory affairs, and create a dare to be corrupt. The clean atmosphere of corruption and not wanting to be corrupt will set an example for the masses of workers.