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Notice on Relevant Requirements of Organizing Life Meeting on Special Topics of Party History Learning and Education


Aug 09,2021


On the Special Organization of Life Meeting on Party History Learning and Education

Notification of requirements

All units directly under the Office:

The latest notice requirements of the Party History Learning and Education Office of the Provincial Party Committee and the Seventh Tour Guidance Group on the organization of special life meetings are hereby forwarded to you, and the party organizations of all units are requested to conscientiously implement them in combination with the actual situation.

1. Special organization life meeting plan, to make specific arrangements for heart-to-heart talks, including content theme, number of personnel, etc.; To make overall arrangements for the rectification after the meeting, including rectification methods, rectification time limit, inspection and supervision of grass-roots party committees (general party branches), etc.; The plan does not reflect the positions of party members and leading cadres, and will be implemented according to the plan.

2. Strictly implement the procedural requirements of the organization of the life meeting, compare the requirements of the party history learning and education objectives, combine the ideological reality, the actual responsibilities, the actual work and the actual situation and tasks faced, closely follow the theme of the meeting, examine the gaps, avoid examining problems out of the prescribed contents, and prevent vaguely, abstract and unrealistic.

3. Party members and leading cadres at all levels should set an example and set an example with strict requirements, high standards, strong party spirit and deep understanding, personally listen to opinions, investigate and study, and write speech materials. It is necessary to put forward the next requirements for the party branch where it is located in terms of politics, study, and work. At the meeting, they all referred to each other as "comrades" and were not allowed to refer to leadership positions.

4. Strictly implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, make overall arrangements for the meeting time, and complete it by the end of August. Strengthen the management of epidemic prevention and control of the conference, do a good job in the investigation of the epidemic situation of the participants, people with a history of residence or indirect contact in medium and high-risk areas are not allowed to attend the conference, and do a good job in temperature measurement, disinfection and other work.

Office of Party History Learning and Education

August 9, 2021