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Notice on Launching Series of Activities to Celebrate the 102 Anniversary of the Founding of the Party


Jun 16,2023


 Field Issue [2023]

Notice on Launching a Series of Activities to Celebrate July 1

The field belongs to the grass-roots party organizations:

In order to celebrate the 102 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, fully implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, further enhance the cohesion, combat effectiveness, and appeal of party organizations at all levels of the field and the group, and give better play to the vanguard model of party members Role, the field and group party committees decided to carry out a series of activities to celebrate the 102 anniversary of the founding of the party among all levels of party organizations and party members during the "July 1. Relevant matters are notified as follows:

1. activity time:

16 June 2023 to 1 July 2023

2. activity content

(I) carry out advanced collective and individual commendation activities. A commendation meeting was held on the eve of July 1, naming and commending a group of outstanding Communist Party members, outstanding party workers, and advanced grass-roots party organizations, setting up advanced models, giving full play to the power of role models, encouraging party organizations at all levels and the broad masses of party members and cadres to learn from the advanced and follow the example, courageously strive for the first and forge ahead, and contribute wisdom and strength to promoting the high-quality development of the field and the group.

(II) a speech contest. Focusing on the general education requirements of the theme of "learning ideas, strengthening party spirit, rebuilding and practicing new achievements" and focusing on the theme of "building dreams, investing in agriculture, strengthening enterprises and having me", each unit of the group organized the preliminary contest of the speech contest, and recommended the best to participate in the speech contest of Henan agricultural investment group according to the selection results of the preliminary contest. (See annex for details).

(III) to carry out a lecture party activities. Leaders of grass-roots party organizations generally carry out a party lecture activity. The content of the party class is closely linked to the theme of "learning the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and forging ahead in a new journey", and deeply understands Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Party. In connection with the actual situation of the unit, combined with the actual thinking, work, life and style of party members and cadres, we should further strengthen the armed forces of innovative theory, deeply understand the decisive significance of the "two establishment", enhance the "four consciousness", strengthen the "four self-confidence", and achieve the "two maintenance", so that the process of giving party lectures becomes a process for party members and cadres to unify their thinking, deepen their understanding, stimulate their consciousness, and enhance their party spirit.

(IV) carry out a theme party day activities. The Party branch carried out a theme party day activity in combination with the ideology and work practice of Party members, organized Party members to carry out "three meetings and one lesson", study political theory, hold knowledge competitions or speech competitions, discuss the development of Party members, and carry out volunteer services for Party members, so as to continuously enhance the enthusiasm of Party members to participate in organizational life.

(V) to carry out an activity to review the oath of joining the party. In combination with the party member conference or the party membership oath conference, organize party members to hold a party member review of the party membership oath activity, urge party members Do not forget your initiative mind, keep in mind their mission, stick to the party membership oath, wash their ideological soul, and vigorously create a strong atmosphere of loving the party, believing in the party and following the party.

(VI) carried out a visit to condolences activities. On the eve of July 1, all grass-roots party organizations carried out a visit and condolence activity. Focus on condolences to party members and veteran party members in difficulties, listen to their opinions and suggestions, help solve practical problems, and let them fully feel the care and warmth of the party organization.

(VII) launched a "50 years of glory in the party" commemorative medal awarding activities. In order to strengthen the care and care for the old party members, continuously enhance the happiness, sense of gain and sense of honor of the old party members, and further encourage the young party members to learn from the older generation of outstanding party members, carry out a commemorative medal awarding activity of "50 years of glory in the party", and issue the commemorative medal of "50 years of glory in the party" to the party members who have reached 50 years before July 1, 2023.

(VIII) organize a thematic essay. With the theme of "rejuvenating agriculture and strengthening the country as a pioneer, building achievements and starting a new journey for agriculture", articles are solicited for all party members, cadres and workers of the field and the group. The essay should focus on the theme, combine the actual work and life of the individual, and show the good spirit of the agricultural investment people by telling specific examples of forge ahead, tenacious struggle, and striving to be the first. Each unit recommends 1-2 essays and reports them to the Party Committee Work Department before June 20. The Party Committee Work Department will organize relevant personnel to conduct selection and recommend them to the Provincial Agricultural Investment Group.

3. Activity Requirements

(I) attach great importance to it and carefully organize and implement it. All grass-roots party organizations should take the "July 1" series of activities as an important part of the theme education, as an important window to show the elegant demeanor of party members, cadres and workers, actively organize mobilization, strengthen work security, and extensively mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of party members, cadres and workers to participate in the activities.

(II) highlight the characteristics, to ensure the effectiveness of activities. We should adhere to the principle of "clear theme, appropriate scale, practical results, diligence and thrift", organically combine the series of activities with the central work, and carry out activities loved by the party members and the masses. Ensure that the forms are diverse and rich in content, close to the grassroots, close to party members, close to the masses, close to life, highlight the significance of education, and incorporate ideological education in the activities; ensure that the activities are fully covered by the branch and party members, and truly run the activities well, practically, and The results are achieved to achieve "two no mistakes and two promotion".

(III) create an atmosphere and do a good job in propaganda and reporting. All grass-roots party organizations should publicize the activities to celebrate the 102 year of the founding of the party in all directions and in various forms, publicize the glorious course and great achievements of the party, publicize the new changes, achievements and achievements made in various industries since the reform and opening up, especially since the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, so as to make the process of carrying out activities become a typical process, Further stimulate the party members, cadres and workers to take the mission of their posts and make contributions.

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Annex: Implementation Plan of Speech Selection Competition for "Building Dreams, Investing in Agriculture and Strengthening Enterprises with Me"

June 15, 2023


"Building Dreams, Investing in Strong Enterprises and Having Me" Speech Selection Competition

Implementation Scheme

In order to encourage and mobilize the group's cadres and workers to devote themselves to the vivid practice of building a domestic first-class agricultural investment group with a more confident and high-spirited spirit and enterprising attitude, and to further guide the cadres and workers to strengthen their ideals and beliefs in the new era, to make contributions based on their own duties, and to be the backbone pioneers who bravely compose a more brilliant chapter in the central plains in the new era, the following implementation plan is hereby.

1. contest theme

I have me for building dream farmers to invest in strong enterprises.

2. game time

The time is initially scheduled for late June, and the specific time will be notified separately.

3. entry requirements

(I) speech content

Focusing on the study and implementation of Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, this paper tells us that in the implementation of the group's important strategies, major tasks, and key tasks, he and his colleagues have devoted themselves to the main battlefield of rural revitalization in the province, the front line of ensuring food security, and the forefront of agricultural investment and financing, and the vivid practice of bravely shouldering heavy burdens and moving forward on the new journey of building a strong agricultural province.

(II) Speech Requirements

1. Stick to the right direction. Strictly implement the ideological work responsibility system, grasp the correct political direction, public opinion orientation, and value orientation, strictly abide by political discipline and propaganda discipline, promote the main theme, and gather positive energy.

2. Adhere to the grass-roots perspective. Make good use of small incisions to present big themes and respond with small stories.

Great changes, from the grass-roots perspective, with fresh language to form emotional resonance.

3. Respect intellectual property rights. The content of the speech must be original. If you find the participating speech elements

If there is any infringement of the copyright of others or any bad information in the material, the qualification will be disqualified.

4. Control the length of the speech. The speech time is controlled within 8 minutes.

4. related requirements

After each unit has pre-selected 1-2 contestants, please fill in the "Speech Contest Summary Form" before June 25, and submit the contestants' manuscript and lecture video at the same time.