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Huangfan Industrial

Qingming Festival Tomb Sweeping Activities Program


Mar 24,2021


Huangpan District Industrial Group

The activity plan of the general branch of the organ to pay homage to the tomb of the martyrs during the Qingming Festival.

Ching Ming Festival is one of the important traditional festivals of the Chinese nation. It is a day to worship ancestors and sweep tombs, remember the ancestors, mourn the dead, and be cautious in pursuing the future. In order to pay tribute to the revolutionary martyrs, remember the great achievements of the martyrs, carry forward the national spirit and patriotism, cultivate and practice the core values of socialism, carry out red education and clean government education on the 100 anniversary of the founding of the party, and inspire party members of the group to love the motherland and promote righteousness. The general branch of the group decided to organize tomb sweeping activities during the Ching Ming Festival.

1. time and place

On April 8 (Thursday) at 8:00 a.m., we will gather at the entrance of the department and take a bus to our destination.

2. participants

Party member representative of group organ. (See annex for list)

Agenda for 3. activities

Item 1: Arrive at Xihua County Martyrs Cemetery.

1. Offer 3 flower baskets.

2. Three bows to the martyrs.

3. Leadership speech.

4. Visit the Memorial Pavilion.

5. The bus will gather and go to the Du Gang Memorial Hall.

Item 2: Arrive at the Du Gang Memorial Hall.

1. Honor the memorial statue.

2. Revisit the oath of joining the Party under the statue.

3. Visit the Du Gang Memorial Hall.

4. The bus will gather for the return trip.

4. preparation

(I) coordinate Xihua Martyrs Cemetery, Du Gang Memorial Hall, travel vehicles (rent a bus), personnel organizations, etc. to make a banner (in memory of the martyrs inheriting the revolutionary spirit of the Huangfanqu Farm).

(II) prepare one party flag and several party emblems.

(III) purchase flower basket 3.

5. related requirements

The (I) attached great importance to it and organized it carefully to ensure the smooth development of the memorial service.

(II) participants gather at the assembly point on time as required, attend on time in formal or plain clothes, and wear party badges.

(III) participants should consciously observe discipline and obey the unified arrangement of the staff.

24 March 2021