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Learning to Grow Wisdom and Learning to Promote Travel- Floodplain Industrial Group Launching Study Activities


Nov 01,2023



In order to actively explore and learn the work experience of foreign advanced enterprises, further broaden the work ideas and improve the work level. From October 27 to 28, Duan Zhichao, secretary of the field party Committee and chairman of the industrial group (farm) company, led the field and group team members, department heads and secondary unit heads to go out for inspection and study.

The inspection team visited Zhengzhou's "Jujube Cube" Red Jujube Museum, Xinxiang's "Central Plains Agricultural Valley" Exhibition Hall, Shennong Seed Industry Laboratory, National Biological Breeding Industry Innovation Center Experimental Base, Jiaozuo's "Xidajing 1919" Red Education Base and Zhaibuchang Village, a traditional Chinese village ". In the "Jujube Cube" Red Jujube Museum, the commentator introduced the development process of "I miss you" in detail, and led everyone to experience the profound jujube culture of "I miss you" and the strong party building atmosphere of the enterprise; in the "Central Plains Agricultural Valley" In the exhibition hall, everyone has an in-depth understanding of the regional layout, development planning, and scientific research advantages of the Central Plains Agricultural Valley, he also visited the Shennong Seed Industry Laboratory and the experimental base of the National Biological Breeding Industry Innovation Center; in the "Xidajing 1919" red education base, he explored the origin of the Jiaozuo coal miner movement, reviewed the revolution and history of the century-old mine, and felt the original intention of the Communists. Heart and mission; in the traditional Chinese village "Zhaibuchang Village", everyone watched historical pictures, read records and visited historical sites, deeply felt the spirit of the Red Army not afraid of hardship, not afraid of sacrifice.

This time, every place I went to brought a deep shock to the visitors. Everyone said that they will fully learn from the advanced work experience of other places, combine job responsibilities, think carefully, and integrate them, so as to help the group's high-quality development to a new level and achieve new results.

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