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Liu Rongning and his party from Henan Agricultural Vocational College visited the group company for investigation and research.


Oct 30,2023



On October 24, Liu Rongning, deputy secretary of the Party committee and President of Henan Agricultural Vocational College, and his party visited the group company for investigation and investigation, and held talks on matters related to the integration of modern agricultural production and education. Liu Cong, Zhou Peng, Yuan Peng and Luo Jianchuan, leaders of the field and industrial group, attended the fair.

Liu Cong, deputy secretary of the farm party committee and general manager of the farm company, introduced to Liu Rongning and his party the basic situation, historical evolution, corporate culture and advantages of agricultural construction. He said that the integration of industry and education is not only the need of school development, but also the need of enterprise development. Through cooperation, the group can absorb more outstanding talents and provide talent support for the high-quality development of enterprises.

Liu Rongning introduced in detail the development status and long-term planning of agricultural vocational college. He believes that school-enterprise cooperation can achieve complementary advantages, and through joint efforts and overall planning, it will certainly achieve remarkable results in promoting teaching reform and enhancing school-enterprise interaction.

This research activity has laid a good foundation for the follow-up cooperation between the two parties to realize resource sharing and create a new situation of "three wins" for enterprises, schools, and students.

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