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Inquiry Procurement Announcement


Sep 08,2023



1. Project Overview

1. Project Name: Manure Quality Control Monitoring Point and Commissioned Service for Test Effect Monitoring of 2023 Green Plantations and Recycling Agriculture Pilot Project of Henan Province Huangfanqu Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

2. Source of funds: financial funds

3. Total Budget: 300000 yuan

4. Project Overview: This project is a monitoring point for manure quality control and monitoring service for the pilot project of green planting and breeding recycling agriculture in 2023.

5. Service period: September 20, 2023-July 31, 2024

2. service provider qualification requirements

1. An independent legal person registered in China has a business license with corresponding business scope and corresponding capabilities in terms of personnel, equipment, and capital.

2, with the relevant departments of Henan inspection and testing institutions recognized certificate, fertilizer and raw materials and soil composition testing qualification.

3, with strong economic strength and good business reputation.

4. There are no major illegal records and government notifications in business activities within three years before participating in bidding and procurement.

3. considerations

1. Time requirement: The service provider shall make a one-time written quotation to the department before September 15, 2023.

2, the principle of transaction: in line with the procurement requirements, quality, service equal premise, to put forward the lowest price of the service provider for the transaction supplier; supplier quotation and commitment once approved, that is, the contract price of the transaction.

3. Contact unit: Farm Agriculture Division of Huangpan District, Henan Province

4. Contact number: 0394-2579032

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