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Huangfanqu Industrial Group held a symposium for young employees


Oct 31,2023



In order to carry out in-depth education on the theme of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, guide the youth of the group to take on the mission, make contributions to their posts, and gather the youth power to promote high-quality development. On October 26, the Huangfanqu Industrial Group held a symposium on the theme of "Heart Farm Development and Contribution to Youth Wisdom" for young employees. Duan Zhichao, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Industrial Group (Farm) Company, attended and delivered a speech. Liu Cong, deputy secretary of the farm party committee and general manager of the farm company, presided over the meeting.

At the forum, 16 young representatives from all fronts of the group company, combined with their own experience and post work, actively made suggestions and suggestions on the future development of the group, and demonstrated the good spirit of the young employees of the group who are full of vigor and vitality.

Duan Zhichao led the participants to review General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on youth work, and he called on the broad masses of young people of the group to actively participate in the study and implementation of Xi Jinping's ideological theme education on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. a profound understanding of General Secretary Xi Jinping's ardent expectations and earnest instructions for young people, internalized in the heart and externalized in practice.

Duan Zhichao stressed that 2023 is the "11345" development strategy of the industrial group, and the first year to achieve the five major development goals in the next three years. In order to achieve the development goals planned by the group, it is necessary for the broad masses of young people to give full play to their intelligence and wisdom, carry forward the spirit of ownership, and dare to take responsibility and do good deeds based on their posts. We must persist in arming our minds with Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, resolutely implement the spirit of the instructions of the main leaders of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, and the leaders of the SASAC and the party committee of the Agricultural Investment Group, dare to take responsibility for the development instructions of the farms (group companies) in the Huangfanqu. Good deeds. First, we must strengthen our ideals and beliefs. Always adhere to the ideal and belief that "success does not have to be in me" and "success must have me", and continue to struggle without fear of difficulties. Second, we must set great goals. We should have a strong sense of goal and a clear sense of direction, make a good career plan in our own position, bind our goals with the torrent of the times, keep consistent with the course of the industrial group, and realize personal value in the development of the industrial group. Third, we must temper our skills. In learning and practice, we must anchor goals, take the initiative, temper strong skills, enhance the sense of urgency in learning, be brave to innovate and create, be determined to work hard, temper noble character, and use practical actions to practice the original intention and perform duties to test ourselves, temper and Improve your own ability and level. Fourth, we must carry forward the fine style. It is necessary to carry forward and inherit the spirit of "hard work, courage to open up, love and dedication, and strive to be first-class" in the Floodplain of the Huangfanqu. Fifth, we must be strict with honesty and self-discipline. It is necessary to strengthen the cultivation of one's own will, especially the cultivation of professional ethics, keep the bottom line and not cross the red line. Only when you are afraid of your heart, you can be precepted in words and stop in deeds. You must strengthen your ideals and beliefs, and take on the important tasks of the times with sobriety and firmness. Do things frankly.

More than 70 people attended the forum, including members of the leading group of the field and the group, heads of various departments and representatives of young employees from various units.

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