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Recruitment Announcement of Henan Province Huangfanqu Industrial Group Co., Ltd. in 2023


Mar 28,2023



According to the development needs of the group company, it is now open to the public for recruitment. The relevant matters are announced as follows:

1. recruitment positions:

According to the job demand, the recruitment of 12 professional direction of college graduates 19 people.

1. Secretarial, journalism or Chinese language and literature professional 2;

2. One person majoring in administrative management or enterprise management;

3.1 person majoring in computer science;

4.4 people majoring in agronomy, 1 person majoring in facility agriculture, 1 person majoring in gardening (fruit trees), 1 person majoring in genetic breeding (corn), and 1 person majoring in agricultural engineering;

5. Marketing or similar professional 1 person;

6. One person majoring in fire safety engineering;

7.3 persons majoring in finance or accounting;

8. Two Russian translators.

2. recruitment conditions

(I) candidates must have the basic conditions:

1. Have high political quality and good professional ethics, dedication, active work, dedication and team spirit.

2. Have the professional knowledge to perform the job duties, have certain learning and innovation ability, communication and adaptability, and implementation ability.

3. Have good psychological quality and physical quality to perform their duties normally.

4. Have a bachelor's degree or above in full-time general higher education recognized by the state, and be 35 years old and below.

(II) one of the following circumstances may not apply:

1. Persons whose time limit for criminal punishment has not expired or who are suspected of violating the law and committing crimes under investigation;

2. Those who have not been lifted from party discipline or administrative discipline or are undergoing disciplinary review.

3. recruitment process

(I) announcement. March 28, 2023 in the yellow pan area farm information network, yellow pan area industrial group co., LTD. Information website announcement. The time is 7 working days.

(II) registration. The registration period is from March 28 to April 7, 2023. Candidates please log on to Zhaopin official website.

(III) qualification examination. The human resources department of the group and relevant business departments shall pre-qualify the candidates, and those who pass the pre-examination shall be submitted to the party committee of the group to determine the preliminary candidates to enter the written examination.

(IV) written examination (100 points). Written content for public basic knowledge. The specific time and place will be notified separately.

(V) interview (100 points). According to the written examination results from high to low according to the ratio of 1:2 to determine the interviewer.

(VI) results publicity. After the results are determined, they will be publicized on the Yellow River Floodplain Farm Information Network and the information website of Yellow River Floodplain Industrial Group Co., Ltd. for a period of 5 days.

(VII) physical examination. According to the ranking order of the total test scores from high to low, the list of physical examination personnel is determined according to the ratio of 1:1 of the number of recruits. The last one with the same total score in the exam will take the physical examination with the highest score in the interview. The physical examination shall be carried out with reference to the physical examination standards for the recruitment of national civil servants. Medical expenses themselves. For those who fail to pass the physical examination or candidates who fail to take part in the physical examination at the specified time and place, they shall be deemed to have given up. After the approval of the study, they can be filled in the same professional candidates from high score to low score, and the number of times of filling is determined by the recruitment unit.

(VIII) inspection. The inspection takes various forms to fully understand the ideological and political performance, moral quality, professional ability, and work performance of the inspected objects.

(IX) Hiring. For physical examination, inspection qualified personnel for publicity, publicity period of 5 days. After the publicity has no objection, the group shall sign a labor contract with the employed personnel and handle the relevant employment procedures. The employed personnel shall be subject to the probation system according to the provisions of the state, and the employment system shall be implemented after the expiration of the probation period. Those who fail to pass the probation period shall not be employed.

4. considerations

(I) candidates shall be responsible for the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of the information materials they fill in and provide, and those who provide false information or cheat in the recruitment process shall be disqualified once found.

The relevant information of (II) recruitment will be notified by SMS, telephone or email, and the personnel who fail to pass the recruitment process will not be notified separately. Please ensure that the contact information such as mobile phone number and email address filled in is accurate and keep the communication unblocked.

5. registration consultation telephone

(I) Tel: 17703949255 0394-2579037

(II) consultation time: 8:00-12:00,14:30-17:30 (working days)

Henan Huangpan District Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

March 28, 2023

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